Víssimo Group / Platform B2B

︎︎︎ About the project: 

The B2B team already existed at Evino, it’s a team that take care of selling wine to different companies, such as Restaurants, Hotels and Supermarket.

What is the problem?
  • The B2B team don’t have an online platform
  • If a company wants to buy from us, they have to contact a seller via WhatsApp, the process of buying is very informal
  • The customers don’t have clarity regarding the delivery date
  • The customers always have to talk to a seller to buy wines, sometimes they want to buy directly from a plaftform

︎︎︎ The challenge:
"How can we improve the experience of our B2B customers? And with that, facilitate and improve our services with them in general?"

︎︎︎ Objectives:
Create a digital platform for the B2B team, this way the customer (restaurants, for example) can buy directly on the platform, without talking to a seller

︎︎︎ The process:
1. Kick-off
2. Benchmarking
3. User-flow
4. Wireframe
5. High-fidelity Prototype (web-desk and mobile, android & iOS)
6. User Testing
7. Hand-off
︎︎︎ My role: Product Design
︎︎︎ Segment: Wine
︎︎︎ Tools:
Figma, Miro, Lookback
︎︎︎ Year:

︎︎︎CSD Matrix


︎︎︎Solutions & Hypothesis

︎︎︎ Possibility to buy wine online / direct from a platform
︎︎︎ More clarity about the delivery date (when will the stock arrive?)
︎︎︎ More attention to our Landing Page (conversion)
︎︎︎ Automated process (to buy, to receive and so on)
︎︎︎ Products recommendations based on the company profile and purchase behaviour
︎︎︎ A better and fluid checkout
︎︎︎ MPV: first only web and mobile to test with the user and then iOS and Android



︎︎︎High-fidelity prototype


︎︎︎User Testing

︎︎︎Design System

︎︎︎What I've learned

1. Always listen to the user needs first, “what do they really want?”
”What will really bring value in their daily routine?”
2. Sometimes it’s difficult to work with a stakeholder that doesn’t understand your work, but your have to be patient and explain/teach them
3. Test, test and test. Never stop testing wireframes and prototypes with the users, listening to all the feedback they can give to us

︎︎︎Next steps:

︎︎︎ Hand-off to the Development team
︎︎︎ Track metrics
︎︎︎ Improvements

Thank you for watching! ︎
May, 2022

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