bruna hirano, a
28-year-old designer
based in são paulo, brazil

I've been passionate about Design since I downloaded Photoshop for the first time, still when I was a teenager. I graduated in Journalism, but during the journey I realized that my favorite communication is visual. Since then, I've been studying Design on my own. 

Currently, I work as a Product Designer at ( evino ), one of the largest e-commerce of wine in Latin America. I have a strong focus on product design - user research, ideation, wireframe, prototyping and user testing.

For the past 5 years, I had contact with online materials (posts for social media, banners, e-mail marketing, UI/UX design) and offline materials (pamphlets, visual identity, visual merchandising, etc.). I've had the pleasure of working with brands such as VANS "Off the Wall", Fini Store, VIVARA, Linea Alimentos, Jundiá Foods, Frango Assado, Yoki Alimentos and Andiamo Ristorante.

I am constantly developing myself and I never get tired of searching for inspiration: whether in museums, new restaurants or different cities.

I will be happy to be part of your project. Send me a message!

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︎ I'm curious by nature and I love everything
about androids, artificial intelligence,
science fiction, photography and fashion.