Friday Finance Cards

︎︎︎ About the project:
I had the honor of leading the design efforts for Friday Finance's new segment, Corporate Cards. Throughout this project, I was fully involved in the process of developing a smooth user experience for card issuance, from contributing to ideation sessions to actively designing the entire user experience. Our team was dedicated to crafting a seamless flow that enabled users to issue a card with just two clicks - and I'm delighted to have played a key role in achieving this objective.
︎︎︎ My role: Lead Product Designer
︎︎︎ The challege: Design the user experience for Corporate Cards
︎︎︎ Segment:
︎︎︎ Tools:
Figma, Miro
︎︎︎ Year:

Friday Finance launched Corporate Cards on April and today we have +500 cards issued. Some of the users uses the platform especially because of the Corporate Cards.

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